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Creative Lab is a startup with a concentration on learning, developing, mentoring and empowering of the young talent through the online and offline community in Chicago.

Product Design & Management 


Research & Usability Testing

User Experience Design

Creative Direction

Responsive web development


case study

Creative Lab

Interactive lab for young talent integrates the concept of experience, participation, and community with integrated eCommerce. 



The goal was to create a shared journey through social interaction, co-creation, and creativity. Getting parents and kids away from virtual communication by offering forward-thinking learning experiences that inspire and allow kids to create using similar technics that being utilized in product design and interpretership. 


The creative lab is much more than a social platform for kids and teens, it is a community with individuality, education, fun, and opportunity to co-create.


Co-creation is catered on mutual interests, teamwork, and trust. Co-creation generates shared ideas, shared vision, and discoveries.

Co-creation has long been a favorite subject for studies on human behavior, economics, marketing, and business. This is how great ideas are born and become tangible products and services. 

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